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Leadership Begins on the Inside

As a writer, I work for myself and report to myself. Basically my work team consists of one person, me.

I am learning to honor this role. I am learning to lead myself.

I am discovering how when I set boundaries for myself and my time to create, I value the finished product more. I am generous with being vulnerable and sharing the truth. I feel proud of the work that I create.

It is almost as if the work gathers momentum as I hold it in higher regard.

Sure, I work as a team of one and report to myself, but this is how creations emerge. This is how art magically appears. One person working and holding themselves accountable.

I am learning how to kindly hold myself accountable. I expect to write everyday. I honor my work. These expectations emerge from a place of compassion and earnest intention.

As I clarify my role and my work boundaries, I create values that I aim to bestow in my work. I hope to empower and ignite self discovery and self awareness in my readers. I hope to honor my reader’s journey and add some vigor to their daily dose of inspiration.

Whether you work in a team of one or many, you are your own leader.

Honor this role and watch how your leadership qualities emerge.

“leading my way”

i am a leader


i am leading

my way.


is the day

that i get to begin to see myself

as such.

a leader is generous

and kind

and has compassion

for those they lead.

as i lead myself,

i bestow

this warm generosity onto

all that i do and seek to be.

i am a leader

because i am leading my way.

today is the day

that i honor

this title.

today is the day

that i truly






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