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Book Launch Day!

My latest book Poems on Style: The Art of Sharing Who You Are is now available.

As you know, my work is generated by the journey toward self-love and self-empowerment. This new book of poems will reflect on this topic and the art of sharing your style with the world.

It is about redefining what beauty and style mean to you, being authentic to yourself and feeling at home in your body and mind.

Here is a poem called “you've got this" that is featured in

Poems on Style: The Art of Sharing Who You Are:

“you’ve got this”

the serene calling

that comes from within

that reminds you

of your strength

is a form of beauty.

it ignites your inner flame of courage

and signals your mind to take charge.

beauty is confidence

in oneself.

fall into the power of this statement.

let it change you.

your most fabulous self

is only one thought away.

you've got this.

summon the strength to simultaneously call and

be called

to flex your inner confidence.

this is an

act of beauty.

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