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Discovering Who You Are

“always walk

where you like

your steps”

is a lyric from a DMB song

that has always stuck with me.

It’s so simple, yet so profound.

As a writer, you tend to borrow phrases that become part of your inner narrative.

I borrowed this phrase

and used it a few times in the following poem:

“discovering who you are”

the art of sharing who you are

is rooted in

discovering who you are.

this journey

becomes more fun and fulfilling

when you learn how to articulate

what you want.

so much time is spent

working toward a goal

that was never yours.

when you can reach inside

and pull out your truth,

you discover who you are.

you stop stumbling on words

and descriptions

because your essence

almost seems to summon

the proper vernacular.

discovering who you are

is the most nourishing thing

you can do for yourself.

you feel good about life

because you have momentum

and are going in the right direction.

it just feels good

to feel so good.

you always walk

where you like

your steps

when you know you who are.

allow this process of discovery

to continue

for all time.

you’re just getting started!

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