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How To Start Seeing This Moment As Yours

This morning, I woke up with a mind full of fears.

You know that morning when the day has yet to begin, and your mind is already churning and burning on the fear factors of life, the day ahead, the world, your social media account, your career trajectory, your family, etc, etc. It is an exhausting state to be in.

Before getting out of bed, I had to check in and have a conversation with myself.

Am I truly scared? Or am I spinning my wheels to stay safe? After all, according to my mind, it is safer to stay in the worry state. Our mind wants to protect us, and we want to be protected. Is my mind enabling me to suffer?

The questions poured in. I paused. I made the intention to pause some more.

This moment is life, is my life. There is no better time to look forward to, this moment is it. So, if this moment is it, then I can learn how to BE in it. I have earned it. Can I learn how to lean into life and trust more?


It is a decision and then another decision and then hundreds more. I am making the decision to be present with my thoughts and face them. I am arriving. I have arrived.

It is brave to be in a moment in your life and look up and smile with gratitude. But, you've got all the courage to do it. Practice it. Flex those mind muscles that evoke joy and optimism.

“deciding that you’ve arrived”

so often, i find that i may

project my happiness

into the future.

i imagine that

“i’ll feel better when”

or “i’ll be happy when”

or even “once this happens, then everything will fall into place.”

the truth is

i’ve already arrived.

the moment that i’m in now

is life,

is my best life.

i have nothing to fear.

rather than wait 

for joy or calmness or satisfaction,

i can know that 

i am swimming in it.

i get to learn how to change

the filter in which I see my life.

as i ask to have the eyes to see

the beauty in my life,

i see it everywhere.

there is beauty in the pain and fear

because it helps me identify

habits that are no longer serving me.

there is beauty in the act of

believing in myself

and my ability to truly live

with my heart and mind

wide open.

i’ve arrived

and i can see it all

so clearly now.

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