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Embody Your Inner Wealth

“embody your inner wealth”

let’s become acquainted with our

inner resources….

what if we talked about

what we had

instead of what we didn’t have?

what if we looked inside

to see the vast amount of wealth

that is available?

this wealth is symbolized by

the abundance of love,




and joy

that lies within.

these resources need maintenance

and guidance,

it is one’s own responsibility to seek out ways

in which to do so.

if one has not acknowledged

their inner resources,

they feel that they need more,

need to do more

and need more attention.

they are constantly searching

for something tangible,

yet if they could learn how to access

their inner world,

their life would be completely different.

there is no road map

to go inside.

there is no easy way

to discover one’s resources.

perhaps it takes




and gratitude.

it’s also helpful to surround yourself

with others

who believe in themself,

bestow kindness and compassion,

enjoy the art of living

and celebrate the virtuous life

in style.

rumi said it best,

“you wander from room to room

hunting for the diamond necklace

that is already around your neck."

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