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praise for nikki's writing

 Nikki’s eloquent way of wording complex feelings is truly stunning and every poem left me thinking, “oh my god yes....this is me!!”

Nicole R.

Digital Marketing Specialist

I've read and reread this book in the week that I've had it. The author does an amazing job of weaving words together in a surprising way. The poems leave you feeling energized and reflective. Highly recommend!

Sarah H.

Entrepreneur, Musician

I have added this book to my morning inspirational reading time. It's a wonderful way to start each day, filling my mind with empowering thoughts of self love.

Karen M.




hi, my name is nikki. i am a student of life who's always taking notes. 

i encourage one to use the power of words to become their most authentic self.

are you ready to fully enjoy the present moment and ditch that cynical attitude? i am obsessed with trying to be a little bit better every day. and, why not? i believe that we can all heal inner wounds with focus, work and time. 


has the past influenced your current patterns of thinking? do you wish to improve your inner mantra? if you answered with an emphatic "yes!" to either question, then your journey has begun. 

self talk can be reprogrammed and reimagined. the words that you read and digest can flavor all aspects of your life. reading can truly lift your spirits immediately. 


i have been a voracious reader and observer of all things since i was about 7 years old. not to brag, but i did win a trophy for reading the most pages by anyone else in 1st grade - over 2,000 pages. ha! even at that age, i can remember feeling the spark that a good book can generate. you could learn and grow from the pages you hold in your hand.


words are empowering! 


as i developed a passion for reading, i cultivated an equal interest in writing. i have been looking up, listening and writing what i hear, feel and see for over 20 years. this began as a hobby within the confines of a journal and then sprouted into writing poetry books. 

words are a tool to bridge the gap between the inner and outer worlds. i often write about an emotion, issue or personal obstacle i am encountering. writing words on a page helps me format my thoughts and process life. 


i get to work on myself. what other project feels more worthy? 


i write to heal. i write to help others heal. i write to gain clarity and self awareness. the art of life lies in our ability to act with grace and grit in the midst of any and all circumstances that life presents to us. 


in addition to writing and reading, i love to make art. at my in home studio in brooklyn, you can often find me painting and dyeing fabric. i love blending colors together to recreate colors i see in nature. 


if you resonate with my continual passion for inner growth and self reflection, would you like to join with me to create your best self? my newest book of poetry focuses on self empowerment, inner growth and self compassion. after all, self love is a skill one can learn and practice. 

here’s an excerpt from my second book entitled “grace and grit


time is a gift 

not a foe.

allow it to change you

into the greatest version

of you imaginable.



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