these poems are

about sunny days

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grace and grit


the wanderer

praise for nikki's writing

 Nikki’s eloquent way of wording complex feelings is truly stunning and every poem left me thinking, “oh my god yes....this is me!!”

Nicole R.

Digital Marketing Specialist

I've read and reread this book in the week that I've had it. The author does an amazing job of weaving words together in a surprising way. The poems leave you feeling energized and reflective. Highly recommend!

Sarah H.

Entrepreneur, Musician

I have added this book to my morning inspirational reading time. It's a wonderful way to start each day, filling my mind with empowering thoughts of self love.

Karen M.




My writing is rooted in process and discovery. 

I love shining a light on old patterns and trying out new ones. I have found that a poem can open up one's eyes to inner growth. 

Who are you now?

Who would you like to be? 

Words empower. 

Words inspire. 

By feasting on words,

you can learn new tools and immediately integrate them into your life. 

Reading can open up your mind

to be more present

and adaptable. 

It can shine a light on inner work 

that you are ready to face. 

I hope to inspire my readers to

be brave enough to show the world

who they truly are. 




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