these poems are

about sunny days

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grace and grit


the wanderer

praise for nikki's writing

 Nikki’s eloquent way of wording complex feelings is truly stunning and every poem left me thinking, “oh my god yes....this is me!!”

Nicole R.

Digital Marketing Specialist

I've read and reread this book in the week that I've had it. The author does an amazing job of weaving words together in a surprising way. The poems leave you feeling energized and reflective. Highly recommend!

Sarah H.

Entrepreneur, Musician

I have added this book to my morning inspirational reading time. It's a wonderful way to start each day, filling my mind with empowering thoughts of self love.

Karen M.




hi, my name is nikki. i am a student of life who's always taking notes. 

my writing is rooted in optimism, nature and self growth. i love the power of a good metaphor and the transformative qualities of words. 


my mission is to be brave enough to share my joy and to encourage others to do the same. 


i believe that when we decide to be our best self, we will guided by an inner compass. 

here's a poem about having the courage to be the fullest version of you:


“stand up for who you want to be”

have the courage 

to stand up for who you want to be.

she is inside of you. 

she is waiting for you

to root for her. 


have the courage 

to be bold.

have the strength 

to say what you want.

have the courage

to share your story. 


have the courage

to exude your energy. 

do not wait for others

to reach for you,

share your light

regardless of who’s looking for you.


have the courage 

to be you. 

it is why we’re here. 




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