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Writing is the Result of Living

"writing is the result of living"

living bold,

loving big,

getting hurt

and getting right back up again.

no one knows anything

other than what they’ve experienced.

when I write,

I try to convey

what I’ve learned.


I can help myself

and perhaps someone else

in the process.


I can connect

deeper to myself

and perhaps to another.

it’s a work in progress,


I am a work in progress.

it’s not perfect.

it feels vulnerable.


both of these traits


the right people,

the right projects

and the right results.

writing to live.

living to write.

leaning into life more

to feel more

to see more

and to become more.


As I continue to learn more about myself and the art of writing, I am learning how life feeds art and art feeds life. I am trying to allow them both to be continual works in progress. I am striving to accept me for me and my work for what it is.

There is always a desire to be more, do more and become more.

But, what if this is enough? What if today is enough? What if my work is enough (as it is now)?

I think when I can truthfully say that today is enough…everything will magically be “enough.” This comes down to a decision, not a goal in the far off future.

I hope to enjoy the craft of writing and the beauty of living and continuously pursue how to maximize enjoyment rather than the traditional definition of success.

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