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Working To Work

It’s about that shift

from seeking a hack

to get quicker results

to seeking the joy of the work

and letting that be the reward.

“You have the right to work,

but for the work's sake only.

You have no right to the fruits of work.

Desire for the fruits of work

must never be your motive

in working.”

-Bhagavad Gita

This magical quote

really helped me see.

It flips the intention.

It equalizes us all.

It lets the hacks fizzle

and the true work shine.

When life isn’t nourishing you,

you’re probably seeking results

rather than the daily practice.

I know

because I’ve been there.

It’s so tempting to work backward

from another’s approach

to get their same result.

but is it going to work the same for you?

Probably not.

In the past,

I’ve worked so hard

following another’s advice.

The work was not fun

and the results were not what I wanted.

I was working selfishly.

I wanted to get “there”


and more efficiently.

I was forgetting

how to enjoy the process.

I have since shifted.

(still a work in progress)

I work to work now.

I try to enjoy the day

regardless of what happens.

When I feel frustrated

and ready to quit,

I remember that

the work is life.

this is it.

The results are so oversold

and over hyped.

It’s about taking ownership

of how I live my life

and choose to work

and decide how to share it.

I can only control

my input,

the rest is out of my hands.


I choose to work

for the work

(and enjoy it)!

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