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when you finally see yourself

“when you finally see yourself”

there’s a certain pause

that occurs

when you finally see yourself.

the noise of the outside world

melts away

to reveal a perfect silence.

you recognize that

every so-called right or wrong decision

brought you here.

you feel an overwhelming

sense of gratitude

to be given this life.

you no longer work toward perfection

or popularity,

rather you sense that

experience of any kind

is truly why we are here.

life reveals to you

how your uniqueness

can serve the greater whole.

you long to help others

and now know how to do so.

your eyes see joy

even in the midst of any fear.

when you finally see yourself,

you can reset your mindset

to that of thriving

versus surviving.

you trust life

and are not afraid of making mistakes.

life is about action.

your tools to create are within

and you feel compelled to

share your voice.

this act of giving

frees your spirit.


i am learning that we must discover the art of seeing ourselves through inner work. we must learn how to see the gifts we came here with and then develop the discipline to share these gifts with the world.

this approach takes time and patience. it is easier to see another and emulate their method, rather than go inward to discover what our true talents are.

if we rely on the method of seeing ourselves that we have acquired through traditional learning and from our culture, one would equate love with attention and popularity. we are all seeking love, but do not need tricks or hacks to receive it. the greatest love of all comes from within. when you love yourself and see your worth and gifts, you feel completely nourished.

it is time to take ownership of how we see ourselves.

this act will allow us to free our mind space to seize opportunities that come our way. it may sound too good to be true. but, i think that is the point. we all come here with gifts and it is our job to cultivate the skills in which to share these gifts. the right type of attention will follow suit. most importantly, the joy of acting in accordance to your soul’s purpose will be your nourishment.

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