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To the Writer in You...

Do not aim for perfection,

just write.

There’s no right way to write,

it’s all about finding your voice.

Whether you are writing

a blog post,

a book,

an email

or a letter to a friend,

express yourself boldly and clearly.

Keep on writing.

Keep on reading and researching.

Allow the new information to synthesize

with the old,

to produce new ideas and observations.

Keep on taking notes.

Observe the world around you.

And then, write some more.

Writing has the ability

to sharpen your voice

off the page as well.

This may mean

enforcing boundaries

or developing a way in which you stand up for yourself.


Here is a poem

on the topic:

“to write”

to write

is to allow

your inner world

to become your outer world.

to write

is to give a part of yourself to others.

it allows you to tap into your truth

and become the narrator of it.

to write

is to share oneself

with courage.

it is about

letting something be seen

within you.

it is about

opening up to life

and living boldly.

to write

is to synthesize

and share

what you have learned.

your views will change,

let them.

be open about this process,

it is honest growth.

you are developing

your authentic voice.

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