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To See With New Eyes

“with new eyes”

when you revisit

old activities

with new eyes,

you get to experience life

with an elevated sense of self.

there are new notes

and new melodies

to the same chord.

life seems brighter.

images and feelings


in new and exciting ways.

seeing with new eyes

is a continuous gift

to the beholder.

the constant quest


how to cultivate

the art of seeing with new eyes

and how to

have that beginner’s mindset.


it is

just setting

that intention

and then going for it.

it is

living in the moment

with trust.


I wrote this poem after I challenged myself to push through fear. I could hear and feel

my body wanting to find control, but I chose to open up to life and trust. I chose to see with new eyes.

This decision emerges continuously each day.

I love to travel because I see everything with widened eyes. I easily lean into the new and enjoy the unfamiliar. The decision to trust and go with the flow comes from an open place.

On the other hand, when I am in the midst of my routine or my normal surroundings, I tend to cling to control. I am not seeing with my eyes fully open because I am relying on past experiences to feel in control of the present.

Is that how I want to truly live?

Do I want to cling to the past to feel safe in the present?

Or do I want to live openly and willingly as if I was in the midst of a vacation?

I choose to see with new eyes.

Eyes that are clear, yet confident.

Eyes that are open, yet not naive.

I choose to feel open to the possibilities and ready to jump into anything.

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