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The Art of Repetition

Those who are remembered in history usually had a clear message they presented over and over again. They defined their objective and did not grow tired of sharing it.

As we each try to distinguish ourselves through our message amidst the sea of social media platforms, the art of repetition comes into play.

Branding requires repetition. Getting your message out requires an immense amount of repetition. Why does the art of repeating oneself conjure up feelings of insecurity and discomfort?

For the most part, wildly successful humans are not afraid to repeat their message over and over again. They understand that this is necessary for authentic growth. Those confident enough to continually convey their message do not worry if one will grow tired of what they have to say, because their need to speak is more important.

I think the art of repetition is incredibly difficult if you’ve been taught to be the nice person and to not bask in the limelight. You can literally hear the voice that says, “no one wants to hear you...” But, whose voice is this? It is an echo that has been scaring humans for centuries.

This voice is empty. Your message and voice are full...full of life. Share what’s inside of you. Your originality will guide you.

When you pursue delivering your message despite the discomfort you may feel, your actions match your intentions. The courage emerges and your work finds the right audience.

Here's a poem I wrote about repeating one's message.


“to repeat your message”

when you begin to

clearly define

and repeat your message,

the needed courage emerges.

you begin to resonate

the energy of your objective

and live by it.

your actions and words

reinforce your intention.

to understand the art of repetition

one needs to see the significance

in the cadence it offers.

the human brain needs repetition to learn.

your message will not be heard

unless you repeat yourself.

the untrained psyche

shies away from repetition

for fear of rejection,

while the educated psyche

revels in this art.

sharing your message

with clarity and ease

allows one to succeed in their work

and find the right audience.

your words match your purpose.

you seek right action through repetition

rather than validation through conformity.

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