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Speak From Your Heart and Share Your Gifts

If you are familiar with my work, you know that I am deeply engaged with the topic of doing the work to create inner happiness. If I had not started years ago researching and reading everything I could get my hands on about this topic, I am not sure where I'd be.

“Humans are more dependent on learning for survival than other species, we have no instincts that automatically find us food and shelter!”

― Bruce Lipton

This dependence on learning is not only for surviving, but for thriving.

Brace yourself...the self-help section of the bookstore just got real cool!

We have to continue to learn how to reprogram and rewire all those old habitual beliefs that are not helping us grow. The programs that run inside of our minds were usually taught to us by humans were not super happy themselves. Humans are great at mirroring other humans and our tribe-like mentality makes us think that it is essential to fit in.

Knowing that you have an outdated program running your life at times is the first step. Acknowledging a need to change is everything! Acting on this inner truth will open up a connection to your invisible forces, your guides, your higher self, your angels...(you can use your word of choice for this entity). It is the time to know you have a team and forge ahead in your growth. Because all change involves facing fear and discomfort, get ready to face some tricky stuff.

As a writer, I have kept note of this learning and growing process. My extensive journals dating back to 2008 note how intense this path was for me. I longed to stay within the comfort of labeling myself a victim. For me, this was a way to prolong my need to show the world who I was.

I wrote poetry on a daily basis for 5 long years before I showed a piece to my husband. Then it took me another year to share with a wider audience. The doubt and fear pulsated through my brain. I was scared - frightened of what "they" would think. but, who were "they?"

I wanted to talk about my connection to my invisible team, but what should I call this experience? What is my label? I thought that I needed a label and a group in which to connect to. I was afraid to go through this alone. But, I kept on going and going and going. I kept on writing. I kept on believing that my questions to my higher guides... were heard and acted upon. I joined a few groups, but eventually found my stride within an inner barometer.

My story will be totally unique, as will yours. I encourage you to start sharing what is in your heart. Start with a close family member or a trusted friend. I imagine that they will applaud your bravery and feel safe enough to share something with you.

Watch...this sharing circle will grow! (all because you took that first step of bravery)

Thanks for embracing your heart,


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