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how can we learn to rely on intuition as a constant source of guidance?

how can we fine tune this muscle and lean into our access to the universal guidance?

why does our ability seem to waiver at times?

this mysterious process is at the height of my thoughts today.

during this intense time, i go from feeling so connected and informed to feeling hopeless and frustrated. is there something i am doing on my end that would help

me stay connected?

obviously, not many of us have mastered the art of intuition. everything around us continually changes. we experience the daily dance of learning, integrating and taking action. essentially, this is the journey of being human.

perhaps it is about accepting those moments when we feel like we lose access to this connection. perhaps it is part of life, and the art of reconnecting is the fuel that keeps us going.

i wrote a poem about the process…


“the mystique”

when i can lean into the unknown

and trust

and feel that other worldly guidance,

i feel in flow with life.

i feel excited about the possibilities

and can sense my purpose.

i feel an internal compass

that steers me to where i am supposed to go.

i feel the abundance of life

and a desire to share with others.

when i feel this connection

is blocked,

i feel frustrated.

i feel lonely and unsure.

the mystique

of this process

is fascinating.

how do we develop the ability

to tune into

this essence of life

in our human form?

just when i think i have the process down,

i seem to lose my connection.

is this life

asking me to be more adaptable?

if so,

how do i adapt and change

with grace and grit

rather than frustration?

as i lean more into this mystique,

i appreciate its melody.

i get to listen,


and grow

with each new note.


living creates answers

as well as questions.

i continue to ask for hope

in the mist of today’s challenges.

i will feast on the moments when i feel connected

and accept the moments when i do not.

i think that taking responsibility for our life

creates a feeling of authorship and power.

sure, we do not have control over many things,

but we can control how we treat ourselves.

here’s to jumping into the unknown

and knowing that our intuition will guide our way.

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