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How You Start and End Your Day - Self Accountability and Creating New Habits

Let’s talk goals and habits.

How many of us are working hard for goals that were determined for us?

I have read in multiple books that reciting your own goals and mantras to yourself is vital for change. New goals and a new habit of reciting them = change.

Before you get to writing goals, you should ask yourself a few more questions. Are you happy? What is contributing to this happiness? What is taking away from your joy? You may be controlled by the whims of others and your joy comes from helping them out. Is this truly joy or is this avoiding conflict? This part of the process can get deep and asks that you sit with your current state. The truth will always set you free. Your truth is waiting for you to discover it. Don't hide from flexing new mind muscles. Asking yourself questions and patiently waiting for the answers to surface allows for true change to take root and blossom.

After you have successfully carved out 3 goals, write them down somewhere that you can easily reference. I have mine written on the front page of my journal. Before I begin journaling, I open up to page one and recite these magical words. Some recommend this should happen each morning, some suggest every morning and evening. I say do what feels most like you, but do it.

If you want to add to this habit, I suggest a daily exercise of choosing an inspiring word and then journaling.

By having this word AND your 3 goals in your mind, your journal entries will be focused more on your future than your past.

We all have challenging pasts. Life is about what we do with this past.

Will we continue learning and growing from it? I say, YES!

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