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How To Not Get Noticed by Literary Agents and Publishers

I self published my first book in the 4th grade. (My elementary school offered a publishing center run by parents and school staff. I know...this is amazing!)

I have written 4 books and am currently editing my 5th. I have self published each title whilst continuing to write, market myself, and seek out representation by a literary agent or publisher. I enjoy writing about the process of self discovery and mental health. My intention is to empower my readers and provide a bit of inspiration.

For the past few years, I have read several articles on “How to get noticed by literary agents and publishers…” or “How to stand out to a publisher…” or even “How to create a book that literary agents want to publish…”

I find it a lesson in perseverance to read these articles and not want to completely change my body of work. If I could only become who they want me to be, then perhaps I could sell more copies of my books.

As a writer I want to create books that get read. I want to share my work with the largest audience possible.

If I am constantly editing my voice to be seen and noticed by the elusive gatekeepers of my industry, I am contradicting the voice that I have worked so hard to craft.

How can I write about self awareness, authenticity and inner courage and then change my tone in hopes that a query letter reaches someone who is interested.

This is my ongoing conversation. It continually challenges me to rewrite my definition of success and to hone in on my intention.

What is success as a writer?

Is it more books,

is it more attention,

is it more accolades


is it crafting your voice knowing that it will nourish some, but not the rest?

I think this internal conversation is had by so many of us who continue to sculpt our voice and have a progressive view of success.

Rather than re-read another article on how to stand out and be seen by a literary agent, I am going to work at seeing my readers more.

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