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Creating That Glow and Sharing It

It is 2020 and I have some intentions...

Let’s thrive.

Let’s share our tips on success

and grow together.

Let’s not hold back.

To create that inner glow, one needs to genuinely feel good about themselves. I think part of feeling good within is feeling good for others. If you are harboring resentment or jealousy, you can never feel your best. You are carrying these lower toxic emotions around with you and flavoring your life with them.

What do you need to do to feel successful? Make a short list. Do one thing on that list before you go to bed tonight.

Put yourself out there in a new way. Congratulate a friend on her success.

The road to happiness should be full of joyful others along the way.

While connecting within and learning from yourself, cheering others on always conjures up a feeling of joy. This does not mean putting others first. This simply means doing your thang with conviction and giving others a well deserved high five when appropriate.

As you focus on your needs and how to meet them, you will not require the recognition of others. Simultaneously, you will be giving away so much cheer, you will feel like your own personal cheerleader who has plenty of glow to share.

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