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Choosing Joy Even When It's Tricky

“I choose joy”

as life presents new challenges to me,

my physical body 

wants to run away

from this discomfort.

my ego works extensively 

to make sure that I am safe

from such disruptions.

I hear suggestions 

from within such as 

“take the easier way”

or “don’t overextend yourself”

or even “poor you.”

at first,

I rest into these emotions.

after all,

I want to be safe.

life can be so scary at times.

it’s at this moment

when I have a choice.

do I sit with self made excuses 

and justifications 

and enable my fear to control me?

or do I choose joy

and walk through the pain and discomfort?

I choose joy.

and then I choose joy

again and again.

sometimes I have no idea

why I’m smiling,

but I still smile.

i understand that life 

takes place in my daily decisions.

there’s so much out there to explore.

I choose to jump into life

willingly and openly

rather than hide from its glory.

this choice does not 

take away the fear or pain,

but it helps me recognize it

as fuel.

this choice is not a one time deal.

I am working to make it a habit

and know that I’m not 

going through this alone.

I will be constantly guided and lead

on my journey.

my team of invisible forces

has taken my cue.

joy is the gold 

in this treasure map.


my eyes and ears will adapt

and be on the constant lookout

for life’s tender slices of joy.

those small moments 

that exude wonder and awe

that I may have overlooked in prior times.

I rest into this lifestyle

with a calm

yet zesty demeanor.


things just got really fun.


The last line is important because, after all, this life is meant to be fun! When we can be an active part of creating our reality by focusing on the good and choosing joy, we can laugh at ourselves more.

We do not take things too seriously. We get out of our own way.


The invisible forces that surround us respond to our energy. This relationship is one that I have been working on since I was young. I remember having conversations with my “team” from an early age. At that time, I did not need a label to define the experience and trusted the process. Whether you label this realm as god, angels, guides or anything else, we are referring to the same entity. This loving and joyful invisible force that never leaves our side!

It is so rewarding to cultivate this relationship. Ask trusted friends and family members how they communicate with the other realms. Perhaps many have never been asked this question before and will enjoy explaining their process.

Lastly, joy is ours to create! There is no complicated formula. There is only a decision. One that you can make hundreds of time per day.


choose joy!

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